More Great News

Well, another appointment in Rochester today. At the ultrasound we found out that A, B, and C are  1lb 12oz, 1lb 15oz, and 1lb 14oz respectively. Gaining really well!!!! No signs of pre-term labor yet, which is also good news.

Since being taken off of work last week, I have not been doing much at all. We want to keep the babies in as long as possible. I am the best incubator for them.

I have been keeping busy so I don’t try to do a bunch of things I am not supposed to. I revisited crocheting. I am currently working on a project of 365 days of granny squares to help me learn different stiches and to get more fluent with the crochet hook. I love the way that she teaches. If you would like to see this project her blog is called YARNutopia. This is one of the projects.


Besides that, Koralie is getting ready for the end of school. She is excited that it is summer vacation but she said she will miss school, especially her teacher.

Also, we have been getting some things done in the basement after the past week (what feels like month) of rain.  I will have to post some pictures sometime soon. Maybe I will do before and after when we get things done.

We are looking forward to a fun Memorial Day weekend. Hope everyone enjoys theirs.





2 thoughts on “More Great News

  1. Just so happy that the babies are all doing well and that everyone is healthy. I can’t even begin to imagine how nerve-wracking this period of time must be for you but you seem to be handling it pretty darn well. All you can do now is take care of yourself, Bill, and all the girls and just hunker down for the duration- nothing else and no one else matters more than that right now. We’re rooting for you! Just keep on keepin’ on. Love, Angie, Woody, Sam, and Jack ❤


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