Busy Weeks


The last couple weeks have been super busy. We had the benefit  and did our moving all the last weekend of May.

The benefit went very well. We want to thank absolutely everybody that helped put the benefit together for us, Koralie and Ollie, and the three miracles that are going to be joining our family very soon. We don’t only want to thank them, we want to thank those that were able to join in in person and in spirit that day. The love and support that we felt was beyond amazing. It was really comforting to know that so many people are here for us and support us through this journey. The support that we have is the greatest gift anyone could give at this time, and it is greatly appreciated.

The kids found that the diaper/wipes pile would provide them with hours of fun. It was really kind of fun to watch. They played with those diapers until the end of the night.

The next days were just as busy, but with moving more stuff out of trucks and trailers and into the house. So much stuff, but it was a well needed move. We are most definitely going to need the room.

While all this moving in was going on, our friend Joe and Bill’s brother Tommy had to build the ramp. I do have to say they did a phenomenal job with the ramp. Bill can now get in the house without having to get carried (yes, that is how he got in and out the first 2 days).


That weekend I also developed a sinus infection so I was not feeling well at all. The next few days I spent trying to sleep to get feeling better while the girls were at daycare and school. About Wednesday evening I started feeling a little better and started getting a little bit of the house put away. It is a very slow process and we are still working on it, but every days is getting a little more organized.

On top of this, I have been working, shorter days with more limits, but working. My co-workers are the best. They have really helped make this pregnancy as bearable as it can be when I am so uncomfortable. I am grateful to each and every one of them for helping work around my limitations.

Appointments have also been going on. Just 2 days ago we had another appointment in Rochester. Another great appointment. Baby A weighs about 1 lb 5 oz, B weighs about 1 lb  6oz, and C weighs about 1 lb 8 oz. All of the heartrates were great. We even had a fetal echo on the babies. The pediatric cardiologist told us that all of the hearts look good from what they can see. They looked for things like large holes in the heart, chamber abnormalities, things like that. Everything that they could see looked normal. That was a big relief as well. Then we got to do a tour of the Labor and Delivery part of the hospital. It was really neat, and big. We saw where they will be prepping me for my C-section and where the babies would stay in the special nursery, provided they don’t go to St. Mary’s in the NICU. We will be looking at that some other time.

We were supposed to meet with neonatology this last time, but something came up. We said that it was ok, we could do that another time as well. They were going to talk to us about what to expect come delivery time.

The house is coming together better now, and I am able to relax a little more, so the blog posts will hopefully be back to what they were, just a couple days apart.

We are glad that it is spring and that the weather is nicer. We can all be outside a little more and enjoy the outdoors and our new neighbors.



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