A Pound A Piece

We had our 22 week appointment. One of the shorter days in Rochester so far. Usually it is 3-4 appointments in a day. This time was only the ultrasound and appointment with the doctor. We were there most of the day due to spacing of the appointments, but that is nice too because no rush to find something to eat.

Ultrasound went well. We had a student ultrasound tech. She was great. Explained everything that she was doing and was very thorough. She also had little facts about our mono-tri (one placenta and three amniotic sacs) pregnancy that were very interesting. The radiology tech was there also, he was really good as well. We found out that all three of the girls have gained weight. Babies A, B, and C are 16, 15 and 15 Oz respectively. All percentages are within the normal ranges. Fluid levels in each sac is looking good.  That made us feel good, especially with the scare last week. (I was in the ED for a day due to some dizziness).

Then we talked to the doctor. She, and the nurse, were very happy with how everything was going. She had even mentioned that a nurse had asked when they would start to do other testing. Apparently since the pregnancy is going so well, they are not even thinking about that yet. Another thing that makes us feel really good. It is always nice to hear that we are doing very well, it gives us a reason to NOT stress about it.

Time for some ultrasound pictures!!

Baby B                              Baby A                          Baby C



4 thoughts on “A Pound A Piece

  1. I finally got a chance to read your entire blog. I am so excited for all of you!! Its great to see that the babies are doing so well and that everyone is excited !! Love you !


  2. So thankful that things are going so well! Great ultrasound pictures to, love seeing their profiles ❤❤❤ This is going to be a busy weekend with the move and benefit but don’t stress out or do to much Joleen! Just relax and take care of yourself and the babies!!! Love You All Always ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Bob & Sheryl


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