The Many Questions of the Registering Process.

Registering for a new baby can be both exciting and stressful. Where to register? What do I register for? How many of this do I get? What is a need vs a want?

These questions have come up with us more than a few times during the thought process of our registry. I read many blogs on what I really need for triplets. There was a lot of help out there on the internet. Most of the information was very helpful. I put a lot of the information that I read together to make our registry “wish list”.

Where should we register? Because of the multiple options out there, this was quite the question. Things that we had to consider for this was which place has the products we needed/wanted? What place would be a good place that people can go into and shop? What would be a good online registry for people that are unable to make it that would still like to purchase something?

Yes, I researched this as well. I came to the decision. Bill gave me this task as he really has no idea what to do. Turns out, that was some of the easiest research about the registry process. Target and Amazon!!

Also, research was a big part of this process. Not every car seat will fit side by side by side in an average backseat. Not only figuring out what is going to work as far as fit, but what our best option is as far as features and use. Should we go with the baby carrier kind or one that stays in the car? If we go with a baby carrier kind, what kind of stroller is going to be compatible with the three carriers?

Ultimately, we decided (after tons of research) on an all-in-one car seat that stays in the car. This is the kind that you can use from the beginning through the booster stages.  I read specs on multiple sites, read through hundreds of reviews, and came to a conclusion. When I know more of how it works for us, I will possibly write a review of how much we like/dislike them.

Then comes the stroller(s). Should we do a double stroller and a single? Should we get a triple stroller. Side by side or no? Jogging stroller or no? A lot more research went into this as well.

Bill and I talked, he most likely wont be able to go anywhere alone with all three unless Koralie and Ollie are with. (Koralie can help push a stroller)  Also, a stroller that he is going to be able to operate due to his disability would be a challenge. That will be another post, maybe the next one that I do. That was a whole different challenge with the whole preparing process. Chances are that I would have to take them all three with no one else beside maybe Koralie and Ollie. So, triple stroller it is. And since we were getting car seats that don’t need to “attach” to a stroller, we did not need to look into that. On to the next question to help in the decision process.

What about the challenges of a large stroller? Getting a side by side (by side) stroller that fits through a standard doorway, not happening. So that made that decision for me.  Easy-peays- lemon- squeezey with that one.

Now to find the best one for not only our needs, but the needs of the new additions, and our price range. Again, I read and searched the specs. First off, there are not a ton of triple strollers out there to choose from. After figuring specs, and using a notebook to keep all of my information, like I had done with the car seat search, I read hundreds more reviews.

I had narrowed it down to a top three. I fell love with most of the reviews and specs on a certain stroller, but then looked at the price. Close to $800. Not in the budget. I went on the next one. Very good reviews. Good specs. I looked at the price, about 1/2 from the last one. This had turned into the top pick. The third one, very similar specs to number two, but the reviews were quite disappointing. So, we had it. Number two was the best option for us. The specs were great, the features were what we needed/wanted, and the price was right.

Like the car seat, I will possibly write a review of the product after using it.

I did do some research on other products, however not quite so thoroughly. This being my third pregnancy, at least I had somewhat of an idea of what is really needed and what we could pass on. Bill, on the other hand, had (and really still has) no idea as far as what is needed. It is really kind of funny when he asks questions about things. I do understand it because he has not had any children of his own, until now. 🙂 He will soon find out.

Given Bill’s disability, some of the items that we had to look into was a challenge.


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