Team Boy or Team Girl?

Since the decision had been made that we were going to find out the sexes of the babies at a gender reveal, we had to pick teams. But who would be right?

The day of the reveal came. Bill was still team Boy and I Team Girl. Koralie was Team Girl and Ollie, still all over the board. Sheryl wanted a bunch of us girls to go get our nails done that morning. We did. Koralie got pink and Ollie decided on blue. I, of course, had pink.

It was the first time that I had taken the girls to get their nails done. They were really excited. It was fun to see them getting them done. I give props to the gentleman that did Ollie’s nails. He was so patient with her. She also did a great job, until she started picking at her nails. Oh well, she still had a good time with the experience.

Then it was time to head home and get ready to go to the party. Bill found shirts online for all of us to wear, so we had to go put them on. We got home, took a nap, and got ready to go. We were all so excited.

We got to Kokomo’s where the two girls (Jill and Hannah) were setting up. Jill and Hannah are a couple of my coworkers. They did such an amazing job with the party. The decorations, So cute. They even made some fun treats.

So many people showed up, it was so nice to see the support. So many people in blue and so many in pink. We took a picture of each team, before the reveal so we didn’t have any “switchers”.

After the pictures, it was time for a couple games and then the reveal. It was finally the time for us, and everybody else of course, to find out if the babies were going to be “Little Misters” or Little Sisters”.


untitledGIRLS!!! They are all girls.

It was really funny to hear and see the reactions. We were told that Bill’s face went form a super huge grin to an “oh no!” face. I wish I could have seen that!!! Of course he was really happy, just thought for sure that he was right and that they were boys.

Koralie and Ollie were so happy as well. I think that by looking around, everyone was happy, even the ones that were on team boy.

It was now time for us to prepare for three more girls, THREE MORE GIRLS!!! Poor Bill is what I, and everyone else says.  He keeps saying that he is “going to be really outnumbered”.

As we prepare for girls now, we are working on the moving process, family and friends are finalizing for the benefit and we are working on the registry process for the baby shower.

One more photo from the reveal before we go though.



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