Getting a Bigger Place

There are many things that need to be done to accommodate a family of this size and uniqueness. We felt that we should start with one of the biggest things first…a house. Currently we live in a 2 bedroom townhome. It works right now. With us two and Koralie and Ollie it is pretty perfect. But with 3 more on the way, there just wouldn’t be enough room.

We decided to try to buy, it was a reasonable option for us. We had to figure out our financing, like everybody else, before we can do any more. We met with the bank, and long story short, we got approved. Now to look. We couldn’t just find any old house with more bedrooms. We needed to find a somewhat handicap accessible house. That narrowed things down to a 1 story house, like a rambler. We were pretty sure we were not going to find an already accessible place, but one that only needed minimal work was the goal. We started looking around the Mankato area. Not really much that was what we needed and in our budget.

We started looking a little further from Mankato. We started with Le Center because we knew it was  cheaper and that is where Bill is from. We knew there would be a lot of people to help us when it comes time to take care of the triplets.  I wasn’t super crazy about looking there only because I would be going back to a 30+ minute drive to work. Also Koralie and Ollie go to Nicollet for school and daycare. That is another bridge to cross, but nothing that anyone reading this needs to know about.

There was a rambler, 4 bedroom, and Bill knows the current owners. We decided to check it out. He called a realtor friend of his, and we looked at it. Very nice place, lots of room, more bedrooms than we currently have, big backyard, and close to his family. One of the best things, the only absolute must that had to be done, before we could move in, was to put a ramp up to get Bill in. Everything else would work. Other things could be done later down the road to make it a little easier, but nothing urgent. Was it luck, or a sign?

Bill’s parents looked at it a few days later. When they looked, they thought the same thing. Now to put in an offer. As most of you know, it is a seller’s market, and houses are selling very quickly. We did not have time to wait around on this. We did it, we put in the offer. In the next day or two (not 100% sure because there was just so much else going on) the offer was accepted. We had found our place. What a relief.

Currently we are still waiting for move-in. Closing is now in about a week and a half. We have been packing and getting ready for moving day.

Since Bill’s knows the owners, he talked to them about possibly getting the ramp built before closing day. They agreed. Bill started talking to his brothers and cousin about the ramp and together we all figured out the best plan for the ramp.

Bob and Sheryl (Bill’s parents) have been taking things to their garage since we need to be out of our townhouse before May 1st. As moving day approaches we see how much we have yet to do. I do feel guilty that I have not helped more, or sometimes am not able to help more.

This weekend we will do a majority of the moving. Only the necessities will be here at the townhouse so we can get the place cleaned out. The ramp will also be built this weekend. Lots going on this weekend, and the next couple, but then hopefully things will settle down a little so we can get back to planning for the 3 little ones to join our family. There is still so much to do with that.



2 thoughts on “Getting a Bigger Place

  1. Congratulations on your new home! So glad the sellers could accommodate the building of a ramp before your closing so Bill can roll right in on moving day.


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