Do We Find Out?

Since that first appointment in Rochester, we have had multiple appointments both there and in Mankato. Each time looking at babies heartrate and growth. Everything is always good news. We can’t really ask for more. Throughout this time I have continued to work full time at my job. I feel very fortunate that I am able to without much problem. Sure, I get tired and sore, but most pregnant mothers do at some point. It’s only natural. My body is changing quite rapidly.

At work I have a very supportive bunch of co-workers. It makes working a lot easier. They like hearing how things go at each appointment, they like seeing the ultrasound pictures, and some of them even ask to step in with the ultrasound. It doesn’t bother me at all. It is not something that cis seen everyday, especially in our clinic. It did bring up may questions about if we were going to find out the gender of babies or not.

At first I was totally against finding out before birth. I didn’t find out with my first 2 and it was such a neat surprise. Bill, however, was on the fence. He did want to know, but then again didn’t. We talked about it for quite some time. One thing that really helped us make the decision was one of my co-workers, Jill. She really wanted to throw a gender reveal party. It sounded like a fun idea to both Bill and I as well, so we decided that we would find out.

There was one stipulation to finding out though. We had to have that surprise element. We decided that when we could find out, we would have them put it in an envelope and we would deliver that envelope to Jill. Of course we had to ok this with Jill and make sure that she would be able to know ahead of time and not tell us. She agrees. She has an amazing poker face and is really go at keeping secrets. Not one time did I ever get an inkling from her one way or another.

So, the planning began. I was team girl all the way, Bill was team boy. Koralie, from the beginning, was team girl. Ollie was a bit of a flip-flopper. One day she would say boy, one day she would say girl. Most of the time it was boy though. We decided that we were going to get t-shirts for us, the girls, and the grandparents. We found that both of my parents and Bill’s dad was team boy. His mom, team girl.

A date was set and now just to wait. During this time there was so much else going on in our lives, having Jill know and not us, was not really killing us. It did get to Bill a little bit towards the end though.

We started trying to prepare for the upcoming growth of the family.


One thought on “Do We Find Out?

  1. Look how big your daughters have grown! They are ripe for promotion to #BigSisters. You are hardy to be able to keep working. A career that requires lots of standing and walking on the job is very demanding while your body also nourishes three growing babies.


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