Yet Another Surprise!

Our first visit at Rochester was both exciting and full of yet another surprise.

As I had mentioned in the last post, we had to go to have a level 2 ultrasound done to see how many sacs and placentas. At the level 2 we found out that they were all in separate amniotic sacs. At this point we thought that they were not identical. They did not say anything at that ultrasound about the placenta. There was so much going through both of our heads at that time we didn’t think to ask about it. We were concerned with the number of sacs.

Fast forward a couple weeks to this first visit in Rochester. We met with the genetic counselor first. One of her first comments was a big surprise. She looked at us and said “looks like your having identical triplets”. We were completely in shock, again. We continued with the appointment. She asked questions about  both of our family history and talked to us about genetic testing that we could do if we wanted to. We decided against it.

Then was time for our first ultrasound in this huge place. We had a very nice tech that made both of us feel very comfortable. She was so happy and upbeat. We got to see the little ones. WOW. It was starting to feel real. Up to this point it was all kind of a dream feeling. I thought that I was going to wake up and really only have one. She showed us the membrane between each of the babies, the little profiles. We were smiling at the end.

Time to meet Dr. Rose for the first time. We didn’t know what to expect from him. From the moment that he walked through the door he had a big smile and was so positive about this whole process. He was so bouncy in his chair. You could tell that he was sincerely excited to be there with us. We talked about many, many, many, different things. We felt so comfortable, we knew we were in a great place.

We left Rochester that day with so much. We were excited, scared, overwhelmed, and yes, with homework! The drive home was full of smiles, laughs, and phone calls to family and friends. This journey was becoming more exciting then we had dreamed it could be.

These are the first ultrasound pictures from that day!


2 thoughts on “Yet Another Surprise!

  1. I’m so excited for you guys! This journey I’m sure will be life changing and Breath taking. I had Dr. Rose for My pregnancy with Olivia and He was the best Dr I had through my whole pregnancy. He is very soft spoken and helpful in stressful situations. He always has a way of making you feel comfortable with ” what’s going to happen next”. Congratulations on the little ones! Can’t wait to meet them.


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