A Little About Us

To start, we are guessing that you can guess how our life in changing. Yes, we are having triplets. A little more about that later. This post is about getting to know us a little bit. This is the very first blog post ever for us, so bear with us.

Bill, my fiancé, is 41 and from a small town in south central Minnesota named Le Center. He works at the Verizon call center as a Tech Support Representative.  He comes from a family of four siblings, all brothers. He also has two nieces and 3 nephews. His family is very close. Shortly after he turned 16 he was in a car accident that resulted in a c5-c6 incomplete spinal cord injury. This left him a quadriplegic and having to be in a wheelchair. He does have use of his arms and limited use of his hands. Through all of this he has kept a positive attitude about life.

I am Joleen. I grew up in a small town, also in south central Minnesota, St. Clair. I work as an LPN at Mayo Clinic in Mankato. I am in the Specialty Clinic in the Pediatrics department. I have 2 siblings, both sisters and have 3 nieces. I also have two children, both girls, from a previous marriage. Their names are Koralie (age 8) and Ollie (age 3).

We met at a wedding. I was the photographer and he was a groomsman. Funny thing, it was his brother’s wedding. It wasn’t an instant relationship. He was dating and I was in the process of divorce at that time. About a year later I was going to meet up with a friend at a local favorite bar. I got there and was introduced to this guy, that happened to be Bill. Soon after, we started talking, and in September of 2015 we started dating. From the very beginning, he and his family have not only accepted me, but my two girls as their own. From then to now, we have since got engaged, moved in together and now, expecting triplets!

We are starting this blog for a few reasons. The main reason for this is to have a place to put down our feelings and through this journey. We are hoping to be able to help out some parent in the future by sharing our worries, excitement, what we learn, and experiences throughout this crazy journey. We welcome questions about anything, and will do our best to answer them.

It s definitely going to be a challenge be parents of multiples. Having that added challenge of Bill being a quadriplegic, there are not many articles out there. That being said, tips about being a parent of multiples, or a parent that has disabilities are welcomed. Criticism however is not what we are looking for from this. We want this to be a place for positive feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy.


4 thoughts on “A Little About Us

  1. Congratulations Bill and Joleen! This is an exciting time for the two of you. We are keeping you in our prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy. It will be fun to follow your progress. Aunt Nancy

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  2. We do love and support you guys as we do all of our kids. Not only support but hope to be a part of this journey and then the rest of your lives. Kora and Ollie are complete sweethearts and its easy to see they have been loved and that’s all we all need. As long as there is love the rest will come together. We could not be more excited about 4 new grandchildren coming our way. don’t ever be afraid to ask for our help. We are here for you guys. Bob and Sheryl Heilman


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