Finding Out About Triplets


We found out the day after Christmas 2016 that we were pregnant. This was not only a shock but very exciting to us. With Bill’s spinal cord injury, it was unknown if it was even possible for him to be able to have children. We were super excited when we found out, about a month after we started trying, that we were going to have a child together. Koralie and Ollie were excited from the beginning. They are both very motherly figures. They love helping and taking care of other kids. They play “babies” and “house” all of the time together. I just knew, from the beginning, that they would be amazing big sisters! We told the girls shortly after, along with other family. Excitement was an understatement. We decided that on New Year’s Eve, when Bill’s family had Christmas, we were going to tell them our news. We did and got nothing but support. We also found out that night that his brother and his wife were also expecting. How exciting for the family!!!

We started looking at what kind of things we would need, things that would be adaptable for Bill to be able to help with the daily tasks of having children. We made great stride in finding products and items that would make this an easy thing for him. We talked to other people, researched online and read about things that other parents with disabilities did things.

Mid January we had our first OB appointment. Bill and I went together. Keep in mind that Bill has not had any children, so he had never been through any of this. I went in there knowing basically what was going to happen. Go in, talk about family history, take vitals, talk about what to expect during pregnancy etc. We met out Dr. and she was excited that we were expecting, as were we. It was now time to see the little bean growing. We were so excited.

The nurse that was in there, a co-worker of mine, was in the room with us.  The ultrasound started. And we saw the little spot with a heartbeat blinking in there. Smiles all around. I remember Bill holding my hand at that point. I was looking back and forth between the screen and the doctor’s face. She seemed confused. She said that she wanted to use the trans-vaginal ultrasound probe. She thought that maybe she was duplicating the image. She was thinking at that point that she saw 2 babies/2 heartbeats. We did the trans-vaginal ultrasound and she confirmed that indeed there were 2 babies growing in my uterus. Her face had the look as she was confused yet again. The next thing she said was to her nurse. She told her to go get another one of the doctors to take a look at the ultrasound. The nurse asked why. I will never forget the next couple minutes. She said “I think I found a third heartbeat”.  The nurse did her job and brought someone else in and confirmed that we were indeed having 3 babies….triplets!

It was a whole new ball game now. We now had to get a level 2 ultrasound to re-confirm, look at details like how many sacs there were etc. We also had to start seeing Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) in Rochester. This was the start of the adventure.



2 thoughts on “Finding Out About Triplets

  1. So exciting , wishing your whole family best wishes on your new journey. Very excited to follow the progress on your new blog!


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